Simple ways to revamp small spaces without clutter

A small cozy home or apartment has its own charm – it’s easier to decorate, organize, and clean. While many worry about it looking cramped to accommodate all of their belongings, creativity, simple color schemes, the right arrangement of furniture and lighting can fool the eye into perceiving more space.

“Enriching a small space takes more ingenuity, arrangement and change, but the result is certainly worth the extra effort,” says Raghunandan Saraf, founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture.

Similarly, Yash Kela, founder of Arrivae, believes that “a limited area may limit tangible decor, but not creativity”. He says, “Making a small apartment look spacious can be a daunting task. But if you plan it carefully, you can end up having more usable space. “

The key to making a small room look spacious is to make simple changes. The experts suggest:

Color palette

Opt for white walls as they create the illusion of larger space. “Neutral pallets have proven that they make any room look bigger. So choose the color tones accordingly, ”says Kela. The optimal effect can be achieved with soft tones such as off-white, blue and green tones, as they make the rooms appear larger and more inviting.

Select suitable furniture

The use of multifunctional furniture would serve the dual purpose of storage and seating. “When it comes to decorating your home, choosing multipurpose furniture is a great idea. Don’t just pick a sofa, try a sofa bed. For tables, too, you should opt for foldable options that can solve your space problems, ”says Lokendra Singh Ranawat, founder and CEO of Woodenstreet Furniture.

A bookcase can be used as a room divider

A great way to divide the space into separate areas is with a bookcase. It would create depth and also act as additional storage space. “Studio apartments usually only offer limited space for basic planning and design. A great way to use the space could be to intelligently use a bookcase as an interface between two rooms, ”says Saraf

Add mirrors for a luxurious touch

To add depth to a small room, add a backdrop of mirrors in the living room, foyer, or passageway. The reflection can instantly improve the appearance of the room and add a touch of luxury to it. “If there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s a big, bold mirror. Mirrors can serve as both art and make your space appear twice as big. It’s my first choice when furnishing small rooms, ”says architect and interior designer Paushika Gupta.

Let there be light

A well-lit room always looks bigger, so let in natural light. It will help make a room feel airier. “Avoid blocking natural light by using curtains in warm tones. Use neutral and white tones to let in light and enhance the spatial effect, ”says Kela.

Use every corner

Try putting some accessories in the corners of the apartment while you decorate them. “Add some unique chairs in one corner while lighting the other with lamps. Corners help define the space with a structure, ”explains Saraf. In the event that you don’t have room for a festive table, choose an ottoman that is large enough to sit on at dinner.


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