Simba’s fancy new beds are a must for healthy back support during sleep

It’s much easier to get comfortable enough to sleep in when you have a good bed. That’s why we’re looking at Simba Sleep’s new range of easy-to-build bed frames. These cotton and velor beds are designed to support your lower back and shoulders while you sleep, and they look pretty stylish to us. While prices typically start at £ 979 you can Save 41% on one of these new beds thanks to the current Simba mattress sale for new customers.

The Orion Bed Base is the cheapest, followed by the velor-covered Pegasus (from £ 1,349) while the luxurious Sirius Bed Base (from £ 1,599) is the most expensive. Each bed is available with a choice of two patented slat technologies: Simba-React and Simba-Flex.

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