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If you have a tiny bedroom that doesn’t have enough room for all the furniture you need, a loft bed may be the answer.

“They’re a super-efficient way to use space,” said Laura Fenton, author of “The Bunk Bed Book,” published next month by Gibbs Smith. “A loft bed truly frees up the space beneath the bed and opens up a lot of possibilities.”

The area under the bed can be used to create a home office, a storage space with cabinets and shelves, or even a play cave for children.

And while loft beds are more common in children’s rooms, there’s no reason adults can’t use them, too, said Ms. Fenton, who installed one with a desk and storage space in her first New York apartment.

“It’s pretty common, especially in New York City, to have a small apartment with very generous ceilings,” she said. When overhead real estate is just there for the taking, she added, “they’re absolutely useful for grown-ups.”

  • How high do your ceilings need to be? Loft beds come in different heights but are usually more comfortable in rooms with ceilings that are nine feet or higher, Ms. Fenton said.

  • What size mattress do you prefer? Models with twin mattresses are the most common, but many manufacturers make larger sizes.

  • How will you climb up? Loft beds can have straight or angled ladders, Ms. Fenton said, or stairs with rungs or treads of various depths, so think carefully about what will make you feel comfortable.

Full-size bed with stairs and integrated desk and storage

$3,500 at Casa Kids: 718-694-0272 or

Twin- or full-size bed in weathered wood

From $3,359 at RH Teen: 800-762-1005 or

Twin-size bed with integrated desk and storage, and optional doors and drawers

From $400 at Ikea: 888-888-4532 or

Full size bed with integrated desk and shelves

$2,099 at West Elm: 888-922-4119 or

Twin- or full-size bed with angled ladder

From $1,720 at Oeuf: 718-965-1216 or

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