Shahid Kapoor asks Mira Rajput about ‘so many pillows’ on bed, she warns him: ‘Buddy you’re landing yourself in trouble’ | Bollywood

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor had an Instagram banter about a couple of pillows on the bed Tuesday night, which resulted in Mira warning the actor of the consequences.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput enjoyed some social media banter Tuesday night. The Jersey star made fun of his wife by sharing a picture from a bedroom on his Instagram stories and asking her why she needed so many pillows in the room.

“Why do you like so many pillows on a bed Mira, why? Asked Shahid Kapoor. Mira Rajput, however, was not satisfied with his position and warned him of the consequences.

Shahid Kapoor makes fun of Mira Rajput.
Shahid Kapoor makes fun of Mira Rajput.

Mira and Shahid have been sharing posts lately, especially since their trip to the Maldives. Last month, the couple took their kids Zain and Misha on vacation to the exotic location while the duo shared a number of posts from their stay on Instagram.

Those insights included Shahid and Mira going swimming, exercising together, and enjoying good food. Shahid also shared a picture of him and the children stranded on a piece of land in the middle of the ocean.

“THAT is a holiday. Nothing but the ones you love And nature. No phone no nothing. And you finally remember what really matters. You don’t need anything to be happy. Literally NOTHING is what you need to be happy…. @ mira.kapoor thanks for this amazing memory, ”he wrote, sharing the picture.

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Mira also shared a video and revealed that she had slipped into a pair of pants that she had bought for her honeymoon. “Just pull it together. A shirt that I’ve worn countless times through all my sizes and the pants I bought on my honeymoon that never fit again until that wonderful day at the beach. (And an overpriced bikini that I deeply regret) (and NO loot) until I don’t have a good look through my wardrobe. It’s so much more fun, ”she said.

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