Selena Gomez shares self-healing tips for days ‘just getting out of bed’ is difficult

Selena Gomez gives self-healing tips for days,
Selena Gomez gives self-healing tips for days, “just getting out of bed” is difficult

Lyricist and singer Selena Gomez recently released some hacks to help manage her depressive episodes before they develop.

She shared a video explanation of the entire self-healing process on WonderMind’s Instagram account.

The video heard her say, “Sometimes I’m not good at it. It just happens.

“What helps me in the first place [is] just pick up the phone and call someone. “

She also went on, “I also suggest exercising. I hate training! It’s no fun. I’ve been doing intense boxing classes lately and it really helped me get a lot of frustration, but also just energy, out and it feels so good. “

Check it out below:

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