Secret crawl space discovered under a US motel bed

A woman is amazed after making a bizarre find under her bed in a 2-star hotel.

Some people may have trouble resting in that particular hotel room, especially after seeing what’s under the bed.

Addison Cassel posted a video on her TikTok account showing a strange discovery she made in a hotel room where she was staying with her grandmother. The couple say they discovered an access hatch in the floor that opened into a strange room that stretched beneath several rooms.

Addison Cassel posted a video on the social media site in which she stated that she noticed a “cutout in the floor” of her hotel room while sitting on her bed. She was able to open it and found a kind of crawl space under the room.

In a later video, she posted a video of the crawl space that appears to go under the wall of the room and merge into the other hotel rooms.

Cassel said she lived in a small one-story hotel and would only say that it wasn’t part of a large hotel chain. According to her, the hotel was rated two stars on Yelp.

After leaving the hotel, she called the front desk to inquire about the purpose of the crawl space and access to the center of the room.

In her opinion, the woman at the front desk was rude and asked why she wanted to know. The woman then claimed the space was for pipes. However, according to Cassel, there were no wires or pipes to be seen in the small room.

“People say it’s just a crawl space, and it’s probably just a crawl space, but there were no pipes and no wiring down there,” she explained.

“I can’t see the end [of the space] what really annoys me. The door is right next to the bed because it’s a super small motel room. It went through under the door. “

It has been viewed over 13 million times since the video was first uploaded. Many of the commentators compared the discovery to something out of a horror movie.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was republished with permission


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