Science Says You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed, So You’re in Luck!

Science proves that being lazy in the bed-making department can be better for your health.

Experts from The Sleep Council say that not making the bed allows the mattress to air out and remove any fluids lost when we sleep.

According to The Sleep Council, adults lose an average of 285 milliliters of fluid while sleeping.

By not making the bed, unhealthy moisture has a chance to dry out and not become trapped in the bed.

This is particularly important in the hotter temperatures of Summer, according to Martin Gill, of And So To Bed.

“By making our beds in the morning, we are trapping in that moisture, not allowing it to evaporate, which could lead to issues within the mattress fibres,” he told the DailyMail.

“Instead, pull back the linen and the mattress protector, open the windows and give your mattress some much-needed ventilation.”

Research in 2017 by Kingston University also found making the bed traps dust mites that have accumulated overnight.

Made beds also become an ideal breeding ground for allegers that can exacerbate asthma and skin conditions.

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