“Science, but also milk, wool, bed and hugs”

Perugia – science and the old adage: Covid heals when there is still a child in the house. Young warriors are often without weapons who face the virus with the strength of their small bodies. Among those worst hit by the recent wave, many are still without vaccinations, and they are the only ones who have no real protection until a certain age, but they are also a small army with which the invisible beast openly afterwards Smile fights sneeze. However, they are clearly mom and dad’s biggest problem, the fear that the virus in the body might turn into something else in a few years’ time, and the horror that turns into an earthquake of earthquakes in notorious parenting conversations. “Have you read about possible complications?” “Do you have a strong cough, is your cough drowning too?” “He is 37 and 2 years old, I’ll take him to the emergency room in a moment.”
Instead, an encyclopedia of fear should be quietly administered. Rely on science and who studied it. “Trust is the only way.” This was repeated for some time by Gianluca Totteri, a well-known pediatrician and deputy mayor of Perugia, who only two weeks ago attended a remote meeting sponsored by President Francesco Gatti Post and the professor with him. “Comprehensive why children between the ages of 5 and 11 are vaccinated against Covid,” said Franco Locatelli, President of the Supreme Health Council. Totteri answers the messenger in the middle of three hundred phone calls a day, on average during this time, between Omicron at the door and seasonal influences.
Dr. Tuteri, what is the situation?
“As in all winters, many other viruses also circulate, but with Omicron around symptoms, until Covid proves the opposite. Once we’ve ruled out positivity, we think of something else. But at the moment the virus is circulating. “
Let’s start with the worst of the situation, a nightmare for parents who need security instead. Are there any complications if you have a child with coronavirus?
“The problem is the number of cases, complications – albeit rare – exist and are increasing significantly due to the number of infections. The so-called Kawasaki syndrome is a complication, a multi-inflammatory disease that occurs as a result of a viral infection. Any infection can cause it: if that happens, Covid will still have a good outcome in most cases, it can be dealt with with treatment and the possibility of recovery.
Do you currently have few patients in the hospital?
“Fortunately no. There is also a potential for the prolongation of typical disease symptoms in children, but these are modest numbers. That is why I urge parents to vaccinate their children. Rely on science: Because it is also true that in these cases we also have to pay attention to absolute numbers. 35 child aged deaths in Italy compared to hundreds of thousands of adults are low, but 35 children are still victims of the epidemic, a significant number compared to any other infectious disease. ”
In short, the vaccine and the attention. But what does property management look like for a young patient with COVID?
“As with all respiratory viral infections, in almost all cases mainstream management has to counter the old saying of the three Ls that I often quote. L for “bed”, ie rest that helps the immune system to react, “wool” as warmth and “milk”: It is important to continue with the usual diet and at the same time to increase the fluids that are essential for life. At three liters, I like to add a C for “cuddling”: It is good for the baby, increases endorphins, makes it better and accelerates the healing process. In the event of complaints, after consulting a pediatrician, agree to paracetamol, if possible, also against infection-related pain. ”
What symptoms should you look out for?
“Difficulty breathing, taking very short or frequent breaths. But also other symptoms that may seem unusual, such as excessive sleepiness or failure to perform normal daily activities: all situations that should be reported to the pediatrician. The doctor knows how to deal with it, that is part of our abilities, we know the family and the child and have learned to deal with these situations over the phone. The pediatrician knows what to filter and knows whether a visit is right or not. Avoid inappropriate hospital admissions.
So with interest, but without worries. Talk to your doctor and don’t trust “what I read on the internet” …
“We have to follow the statements of scientific studies. For example, I feel that I can only give messages that are linked to irrefutable scientific evidence. The rest is science fiction. For example, right now there are three studies that say Omicron is less pathogenic, less severe, and less severe, but keep in mind that there are no reviews at the moment and the results have not yet been validated. Sure, it looks like measles more often. There are so many cases and they are increasing so quickly, when did we ever have a counter this high in Umbria? ».
In the last few days it has been more than three thousand times every 24 hours …
“And they’re the only ones we know because they’re in trouble … Well, if you’re criticizing the regional health system, you’re not being honest. Even if it were otherwise, we would have got the same results: it is not possible to keep up with such a variable, so it is contagious, even if most people are better off than Delta. And it doesn’t need more tracers: the real problem will be when doctors fail due to an infection. It’s going to be really difficult. “
the solution?
“The vaccine. The health system is now a priority in implementing the third dose, which gives us protection that the second dose cannot. If you lose 25 percent coverage after 10 weeks of testing, a refreshing later should be considered. And to make the vaccine mandatory for the safety of all citizens. “He’s scared, he’s scared. But if I quote from the title of a book that I value: mistrust is good, but mistrust is worse. “
The bottom line is a belief in science and no teachers at the University of Life?
“Science is not democratic at all, that is a fact. When it comes to scientific data, the results are beyond dispute. The best protection we can give ourselves is a vaccine. “

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