Save $80 on the KitchenAid Queen of Hearts stand mixer at Bed Bath and Beyond for Black Friday

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Mix it up with this colorful Kitchenaid.  (Photo: Bettbad & Beyond)

Mix it up with this colorful Kitchenaid. (Photo: Bettbad & Beyond)

Whether you’re opening your first container of cookie dough or mastering the art of artisanal bread, baked goods are a great way to show your care. And now you can tell your loved ones, “This comes from the heart!” With the KitchenAid Queen of Hearts blender – and it’s available for Black Friday at Bed, Bath & Beyond – save $ 80!

KitchenAid has always been the top name in stand mixers been Blenders, or Really – the brand was making the very first commercial blenders back in 1919, and even before that, KitchenAid blenders were standard on every U.S. Navy ship, so it’s designed to lick and keep mixing.

With over a century of experience, the iconic label has had plenty of time to perfect their craft, and the Queen of Hearts blender is the embodiment of that commitment.

Buy it: KitchenAid Stand Mixer, $ 350 (was $ 430),

After paying tribute to the original KitchenAid shade last year with the Misty Blue Mixer, this year it’s all about playful Passion Red – and this shade is so vibrant it looks just as good as the cakes, cookies, and tarts that you get to use with the mixer.

It will quickly become the toughest worker in your kitchen.  (Photo: Bettbad & Beyond)

It will quickly become the toughest worker in your kitchen. (Photo: Bettbad & Beyond)

This stand mixer offers 10 different speed levels and three different attachments for everything you mix: a coated flat beater, a 6-wire whip and a C-coated dough hook. Do you need to add anything? The head tilted back allows easy access to the bowl; or, if you want to add items while mixing, you can use the included pouring protector to avoid scattered chocolate chips bouncing back directly on you.

The KitchenAid Queen of Hearts is not only flexible in design and features, but also thorough. Its 59 planetary mixing action means that it hits 59 different points of contact in the bowl to ensure complete and even mixing. No stray traces of flour on the edge of the bowl!

Let the Queen of Hearts treat you like royalty.  (Photo: Bettbad & Beyond)

Let the Queen of Hearts treat you like royalty. (Photo: Bettbad & Beyond)

Owners are just as impressed with the KitchenAid Queen of Hearts as we are. One reviewer noted:

“My husband has been encouraging me to buy a KitchenAid stand mixer for years. I opposed it for a variety of reasons, including storage space and cost. I now wish I had got it sooner, but it was absolutely worth the wait! “

Another baker agreed: “I’ve wanted a food processor for about 10 years. I’ve baked a lot of bread and made dough over the past 7 months and the idea of ​​hand mixing and kneading has stunted my desire to keep going. I picked up the 5qt 100year Queen of Hearts anniversary model and LOVE IT! ”

“If you’re on the fence, just get one!” adds the buyer. “You will be so happy with it!”

As the name suggests, this product combines history and heart, which leads one reviewer to share: “I am very pleased to be able to pick up the same device that has fueled culinary creativity in my family for at least 3 generations . Works like a charm, just like with grandma. “

Whether you’re following the tradition or making your own, with this Black Friday offer, the time is never better to purchase this popular stand mixer – you’re sure to fall in love.

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