Sandwell mum’s plea to find family of friend who died in bed after ‘early night before big date’

A woman tries to track down her boyfriend’s siblings after he suddenly dies in bed after going to bed early in preparation for a big date.

Carrie Ashmore said she was shocked to learn of Eddie’s death on January 14. They had been friends since she was nine, having grown up a few streets apart in Tividale, West Bromwich.

Heartbreakingly, Eddie Moore has no known family and his friends are now trying to track down his brothers to let them know what happened.

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Carrie, 38, said: “We used to go out to play a lot. We were always together and he was like my best friend.”

Eddie pictured with friends (LR) Becki and Carrie
Eddie pictured with friends (LR) Becki and Carrie

Eddie, who was 36, had recently moved to Suffolk for a fresh start. He lived with his friends Mark and Georgia.

“He went to bed normally. He had a date the next day, so he wanted to go to bed early,” Carrie said.

She continues: “By 11am he hadn’t woken up so Mark went to check on him and saw him lying face down on the bed – he was purple.

“He performed CPR while waiting for an ambulance, but paramedics said he had been dead for a while.

“He wasn’t bad or anything, so it was really sudden.”

Eddie’s parents are both dead, so Carrie is now trying to track down his siblings, whom she believes he hasn’t seen since he was a child.

She has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his funeral, which will be held following an investigation into his cause of death.

She said: “His parents have both died and we don’t know where his brothers are.

“So now we’re relying on donations to try and give him a good send-off.

(L-R) Eddie, Georgia and Mark
(L-R) Eddie, Georgia and Mark

She added: “Waking up and finding out he had died was a complete shock – I was devastated.

“Especially knowing that I couldn’t find his family to tell them.”

Carrie says that Eddie was the life and soul of the party and she will miss him for making him laugh when they catch up.

“He was a comedian!” She said. “He talked to everyone and pulled out his phone at the bus stop to put on some tunes and dance.

“He was pure joy, a lovely boy who would do anything for anyone.”

Eddie, who worked as a chef, was previously married and had a daughter he wanted to connect with, says Carrie.

She added: “We were on the phone all the time as I have an active life with kids and work so I tried to catch him when I could.

“He was so happy with the move and looking forward to a fresh start that he needed.

“Mark classified him as a brother so it was awful for him after he found him. Now we just want answers.”

She is directly appealing to all of his relatives to get in touch with her through the GoFundMe page.

“If anyone knows anything about his two brothers could you get in touch with me or Mark as we have reached a wall to locate them,” she said.

“As a community here in Tividale and West Bromwich, where Eddie was primarily known, we are trying our best to raise the funds to give Eddie the goodbye he deserves.

“Eddie has started his own family with his friends, so I think it’s up to us to help him in the same way he helped us. He will be so missed.”

She added, “He had a heart of gold, bless him, he would do anything to help anyone and mostly wore his heart on his sleeve.”

You can view the GoFundMe page here.

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