Salem motel turned nonprofit opens as an 80-bed homeless shelter

The Arches Inn will accommodate 100 people when fully completed. It is part of a larger plan to create more than 700 new shelter places in the city.

SALEM, Ore. – A new animal shelter has been opened in Salem. The Arches Inn is a nonprofit motel. It is located on Hawthorne Avenue and will serve approximately 100 people.

Arches Inn is part of a larger plan to create more than 700 new shelters to get the people of Salem off the streets.

“We purchased the facility for $ 5.9 million. It is a forward-looking 80 room facility,” said Ashley Hamilton, Arches program director.

Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett said the city will continue to provide more beds for the homeless.

“The Union Gospel Mission is building beds,” said Bennett. “We’re opening Yaquina Hall, the old nurses’ quarters of the old state hospital. We have up to 150 of these little pop-up houses here in town.”

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Every customer staying at the Arches Inn has access to food, laundry, and mental and behavioral health services. There will also be clerks to help people find long-term housing. The aim is to keep the clients in the shelter for 90 days. Officials said the plan is to house forest fire victims first and then people struggling with chronic homelessness.

James Bournes has lived on the streets of Salem for several years. He wants to move into an apartment as soon as possible. He said he had several serious illnesses.

“Going to a place like this would be more worthwhile for me,” said Bournes.

The first floor of the shelter is currently ready, the second and third floors are to be completely renovated by spring 2022.

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