Sai Dharam Tej pens a birthday note to Vaishnav Tej: Grown to be support of family when I was on hospital bed

Young mega-hero Vaishnav Tej, who made a spectacular debut in 2020, is celebrating his birthday and his older brother Sai Dharam Tej has a special wish. He went on Instagram and shared a lovely picture of their partnership on the cricket field along with a heartfelt note about the trials and sorrows his brother had to go through over the past year.

The actor wrote: “The occasion accordingly.

While his family loved Vaishnav Tej’s blockbuster debut, they couldn’t enjoy it for long when the tragic news of Sai Dharam Tej’s accident fell into their arms. Explaining how upsetting that was, SDT added, “Besides, at the end of the year you didn’t just get around to supporting our family in an emergency and seeing your older brother on the hospital bed and being disappointed that I was did not get on or answer your heartfelt call from “annayya”. Nevertheless you have borne the pain and grown the situation and answered as many calls and questions as you could and stood like a rock that could not be shaken. “I saw happiness in your eyes when you saw me at home. My dear little brother, you are loved unconditionally and we are proud of you. May GOD bless you with good luck, love, laughter, joy and gratitude. I love you babu – Sai Dharam Tej. ”

For inexperienced people, Sai Dharam Tej had an accident in September 2021 in a bicycle accident on a cable bridge in Hyderabad. After a month of hospitalization and weeks at home, the actor recovered after Dusshera.

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