Rs300m allocated for 300-bed National Police Hospital

Islamabad: A well-equipped hospital in Islamabad will facilitate capital police officials and their families, the interior ministry sources told ‘The News.’

The government has allocated Rs300 million for the construction of a 100-bed hospital being built in the jurisdiction of Police Headquarters in Sector H-11. The construction of the hospital will start soon after the release of allocated funds from the Ministry of Finance, the sources maintained.

For the first time in 40-year’s history of the Federal Capital Police when any government realized the basic health requirements of the police department and decided to set up a separate hospital for them and their families.

Inspector General of Police (Islamabad), Dr. Akbar Nasir when contacted by this correspondent, confirmed the report saying that the establishment of the hospital was prime requirement of the police officials and their families. The next stride will be to establish a high standard school/college for the children of the police officials serving with the Federal Capital Police, the IGP said.

“Federal Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah and Federal Minister for Planning, Ehsan Iqbal feel the need of a well-equipped hospital for the Islamabad police and turned the dream into reality,” the IGP maintained. “Both the ministers took interest in the plan and executed the dreams of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) police,” the IGP said.

National Police Hospital: “The hospital would cover entire health requirements of the police officials and their families including blood scanning to diagnose hidden as well as chronic ailments,” Dr. Akbar Nasir maintained and added that different department would be gradually added in the hospital.

He said the hospitals will have facilities to provide first aid to cops who suffer injuries during duty, adding, with the establishment of the hospitals monthly medical examination will be made mandatory for all officials serving in the city police. He said services of surgeons and specialists in various medical faculties will be hired for the hospitals.

He said the city police also decided to set up special counters for the police officials and their families suffering from serious diseases, specially, for the heart patients to facilitate police officials visiting hospital for treatments of their families. Officials in charge of the counter will be responsible for ensuring that police personnel visiting hospitals get quick service. “We will try to provide the facilities and services to the police personnel and their families as provide in the military hospitals,” the IGP, expressing his desires, said.

An officer of the rank of DIG would supervise the affairs of the hospital to help improve the morale of the police officials, he maintained.

“The police personnel and their families are always ignored in the government and semi-government hospitals, and the National Police Hospital will give them pride and ownership to the police personnel who were ignored,” the IGP concluded.

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