Royal Shrewsbury Hospital set for new 32-bed ward

The modular ward under construction at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
The modular ward under construction at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

It will add additional capacity to the hospital, with the much-needed extra beds expected to be available by spring next year.

Modular buildings consist of prefabricated units that are manufactured off-site and can be quickly assembled on site.

The Darwin Group, based in Shrewsbury, specializes in modular construction and built the prefabricated buildings.

Paul Simmons, manager of capital projects at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, which manages the hospital, said the last units for the station were installed yesterday.

He said, “The next step is to cut out the windows. We will then ensure watertightness and security before Christmas. “

This is because the hospitals are under significant pressure at the beginning of winter and RSH is also working in the emergency room to try to take some pressure off.

It will receive a £ 9.3 million upgrade to add capacity and facilities within A&E, adding 11 additional cabins to the department. The first phase of this work has been completed.

The larger clinical areas will be completed by Christmas and all areas by spring 2022.

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