Retired couple ‘wear coats to bed’ after being put in ‘disgusting’ temporary housing

A retired couple from Cambridgeshire became “unsure what to do” after being housed in “gross” accommodation miles from home.

Doreen, 62, and Phillip Nightingale, 66, both worked in schools in the county, with Mr. Nightingale serving as a janitor at St. “

The local estate the two of them lived on came with Phillip’s job, and since retiring due to an occupational injury, they have had no choice but to leave their home.

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Her daughter-in-law said that since the couple had “served the local authority” for much of their lives, she expected her post-retirement treatment to differ widely from what they received.

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Initially, they were offered a plot of land that they felt was too small, with a “tiny” bedroom and no access to parking. However, what came next shocked the couple and their families.

Melanie Brooker, her daughter-in-law, described the temporary accommodation made available to them by the local council as “utterly disgusting.”

She described the apartment and said there were dirty carpets, black mold, and with a broken boiler and windows, the retired couple should wear coats in bed just to keep warm.

Melanie said, “After everything you’ve done, it’s so annoying that the local authority is being treated like this.

There is black mold
There is black mold

“I know there are a lot of homeless people out there and I understand that, but I’m just shocked after such a long service that he is treated like that.

“My husband Phil and I are devastated that such hard working, loving, and thoughtful people have been treated without the empathy or respect they rightly deserve.

“How the Council can justify this place is a mystery to me, it must be condemned.

Doreen and Phillip were housed in Milton Keynes, over an hour’s drive away from any family and support.

Before that, they had lived and worked in Huntingdon all their lives and are now stranded in a completely unfamiliar place.

This also puts the couple in a difficult position, as Phillip is now miles away from the Hinchingbrooke Hospital, where he regularly keeps important appointments.

The windows are broken and let in cold air
The windows are broken and let in cold air

He is attending appointments at Huntingdon Hospital for a foot injury that has resulted in surgery in the past.

This injury came after an accident at work – a job his daughter-in-law claims is not getting the recognition it deserves.

The accommodation they are in allegedly costs them £ 45 a night, which Melanie describes as “unacceptable”.

So she made a petition to the Huntingdonshire County Council In an effort to move their parents out of their current home.

So far, as of this writing, the petition has received over 350 of the 500 requested signatures.

In response to the demands and the petition, a spokesman for Huntingdon County Council said, “Mr and Mrs Nightingale were offered a bungalow before they had to leave their home, which was linked to Mr Nightingal’s job with Cambridgeshire County Council.

The freezer is broken in places
The freezer is broken in places

“Unfortunately they found themselves unable to take up the offer, so at the time they left their bonded apartment the county council offered them emergency shelter while we worked with them on other housing options.

“Since emergency shelter was not available in the district at the time, we offered a stand-alone property in Milton Keynes while we made arrangements to find an alternative to move her back to the area.

“We apologized for the unacceptable condition of this emergency shelter and agreed to move it to the district as soon as we have a suitable vacancy.

“In the meantime, we have offered to find another shelter, but given current availability, this would be outside the area.

“Mr. and Ms. Nightingale have declined this offer and have decided to stay at the current property while the property provider takes steps to resolve the issues.

“We will continue to work with the family to bring them back to the area as soon as a suitable position becomes available.”

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