Retired boxer Nicola Adams slept with hammer under her bed and had plan to murder her dad

Former double Olympic gold medalist Adams shared her experiences with sexism and domestic violence, including her planned assault on her father when he harmed her mother by holding a hammer under her bed

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Retired campaigner Nicola Adams has exposed her traumatic childhood in which she held a hammer under her bed and planned to murder her father after being subjected to domestic violence.

The 39-year-old reigned as a former double Olympic champion in boxing and won gold at the London Games in 2012, followed by the 2016 Games in Rio.

And she has explained how dramatic struggles against sexism and domestic violence threatened to destroy her sensational rise through an illustrious boxing career.

Adams recalled a heartbreaking story where she was so scared that she had to consider murdering her own father for physical abuse of her mother.

She recalled her childhood trauma in an interview with The Guardian: “My mother and father were fighting and I was trying to step in and protect my mother. I tried hitting my father with a little plastic sword and I just got out of the way. ”

“Was she scared for many years?” Yes, because I couldn’t tell anyone what was really going on. So it was a pretty scary time.

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“I was watching this TV show, I think it was Brookside, and they went through the same situation. I saw my mother crying on the steps and I went to her and said, ‘It’s okay, I have a plan. I saw a TV show and I know how to get rid of my father. ‘

“I just didn’t know where to bury him because there was a back garden in the program. We had a garden, but it was paved with cement.

“I said to my mother that I didn’t know where we were going to get rid of the body, and she said, ‘No, I have to change. We have to move.'”

After having overcome traumatic experiences at home to continue her boxing career, Adams’ mother had a history of abusive relationships, according to the fighter.

Adams’ father declined an opportunity to answer the allegations in an Amazon documentary, insisting that he owed no apology to the inspiring fighter and her mother.

The British star rose through the ranks during this time and made the climax of her amateur lightweight career at the Olympic Games in London with the victory over three-time world champion Ren Cancan.

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Although Adams has not spoken to her father since, she has detailed how her experience with abusive men led her to put a hammer under her bed to ease her fears.

“Another man was also quite violent and aggressive,” Adams continued. “And it was at the point where I slept under my bed with a hammer – in case I had to help my mom.

“I couldn’t understand why it happened again after all the abuse and everything we suffered with my father. One day I came back from school and this man was bringing lots of furniture out of the house.

“My mother screamed and I took the hammer out from under my bed and said he had to leave the house. I would use it. Fortunately it went without my having to use the hammer. “

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In the UK call the National hotline for domestic violence on 0808 2000 247, or visit Help women .

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