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Broadgate House in Beeston
By Matt Jarram, Reporter for Local Democracy

Residents say they feel student housing is being given priority over affordable housing in Beeston after plans for an 84-bed development were released.

Developers want to remodel and expand Broadgate House, adding a fourth floor to the building to provide student accommodation.

There will be a total of 17 cluster apartments and nine studio apartments as well as off-street parking and a bicycle parking space.

The site consists of a partially vacant three storey detached office block situated on a corner lot at the junction of Humber Road and Broadgate.

The property is located in a mixed commercial and residential area.

Broxtowe Borough Council planning officials say the proposal would offer purpose-built student accommodation and allow “less pressure” on family homes being converted into student housing.

There were 25 objections to the proposal from local residents, some of whom said there was “no evidence to support the need for student accommodation in this location”.

Local residents are also concerned about parking problems along Humber Road and Coventry Road, loss of privacy and concerns about increasing anti-social behaviour, including littering and noise.

However, planning officials believe Broadgate House Ltd’s application should be granted planning permission.

They said: “Concerns have been expressed by neighbors that this development would result in an increase in student accommodation in Beeston, that student accommodation has been given priority over affordable housing.

“This development does not justify the need for affordable housing and is not intended.

“This development would lead to an increase in student accommodation in Beeston but there is an identified need for this type of accommodation in the area as the site is in close proximity to Nottingham University.

“It could be considered that the provision of more purpose-built student accommodation in Beeston means this scheme could reduce demand for more traditional housing being converted into student rental properties.

“As such, it is understood that the development could result in more properties becoming available in the wider area for first-time buyers or families.

“This development is therefore to be seen positively with regard to a broader supply of housing.”

City councilors will meet in a planning committee on February 2 to decide whether to accept the motion.

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