Rescue Dog’s Reaction to Having Her Very First Bed Is So Full of Gratitude

This made our hearts so happy.

Ask anyone who has ever adopted a rescue dog how their new fur baby reacts when tit starts to sink in they have found a forever home. Shelter dogs that are welcomed into a home with a new family have a joyous attitude whenever they are fed, or played with, or get a new toy, or in the case of beautiful Dixie here, her first-ever bed.

According to her new owner, @AnitaMyatt, this is the fifth home that Dixie has been invited into, and this one is her forever home. Just wait until you see what happens when she realizes the bed is hers.

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She’s so sweet! You can just tell at the beginning of the video when her mom talks to her that she’s really listening. Her ears are back and she’s sitting so patiently until she realizes something new is happening and she jumps up on mom.

The comments on the video are all celebrating Dixie and all the rescue dogs out there who are so happy to be where they belong. User @Tellyourdogisaidhi says, “I LOVE rescue dogs. They appreciate the bare minimum bc they’re used to having absolutely nothing. They are the best dogs in my experience.” And @gm sums up what we all are feeling, saying, “I needed a good cry. Just the thought she’ll have a forever home had me bawling so hard.”

Congratulations to sweet Dixie and her new family, and to all the rescue pups out there who are getting their first of everything.

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