Representation matters in new District Theatre show

With a cast of only four people, a new production at the District Theater on Massachusetts Avenue is an intimate look at today’s queer culture and romance.

“Bed Play” features the issues in the queer community that playwright Shar Steiman has observed through friends and lovers, including sex and love.

Centered around one major prop — a bed — the play chronicles the lives of its four queer characters as they navigate the modern-day queer landscape, including online hook-ups, monogamy and gender identity and transition.

“It’s not just this raunchy, sexual, tongue-in-cheek thing,” Steiman said. “It has the humanizing, real, true elements to it, as well.”

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The production marks the fifth play Steiman has collaborated with co-producer and director Ty Stover. The two met when Steiman was a freshman in high school and Stover was his theater teacher.

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