Rapper T.I. Flaunts MASSIVE ‘God Sized’ Bed Inside His Georgia Mansion

rapper TI just posted a photo of his HUGE bed on social media and it’s the biggest you’ve ever seen!

The rapper “Live Your Life” shared the stunning picture on Instagram, claiming that he worked on the design and construction of the giant for over a year! The shocking piece of furniture is insane and looks like it can accommodate more than 10 people sleeping comfortably.

“I just had to work on it all year,” TIP labeled the picture. Add: “Custom God-size bed👑 👑 designed and built from scratch by 🙋🏽‍♂️ & the team … (Ms. Tameka) and my vision, followed by its immaculate finish … lead us to #HarrisFamilyHomeDecor.” In the photo TI sits in the middle of bed and sips a cup of hot tea. He really looks like a king!

Rapper TI’s massive bed – Take a look!

Rapper TI flaunts a giant, god-sized bed in his Georgia mansion

Best of all, TI refers to “Huncho” as in Migo’s star “Quavo” Huncho, who shared a picture of his HUGE bed on social media – which started the whole thing! TI merely responded to Quavo’s Instagram post by making sure he knew who really had the biggest bed in town! Quavo replied to the post: “This is how you become BIG ON BIG !!!! Kings 👑Only !! ”

Similar to TI, Quavos Bed is gigantic and seems to accommodate a whole family for a good night’s sleep. “Woke up in a bed that’s bigger than my dreams! 🛌 The HUNCHO bed, “the rapper titled his mega-bed contribution. Of course, this started a healthy banter for the two legendary rappers after TI commented on the post: “Looks like tip over there young king.” Add: “Salute… ..Love & Respect King‼ ️ Can’t wait to build you 1.”

‘Migos’ Star Quavo also has a monster size bed!

Rapper TI flaunts a giant, god-sized bed in his Georgia mansion

Offset got in on the action and posted a number of fire emojis in the comments section.

The best reaction was the Georgia Football official Instagram account, who asked Quavo to share a link where someone can buy or build a bed like this, saying: bed so big. ”The rapper responded by telling the soccer team : “lol, fashooooo, I have your gang.”

Don’t worry, TI didn’t break and build the band with this massive purchase, in fact the rapper just lost nearly $ 4 million on a new Georgia mansion. The rapper reportedly bought a 7-bedroom, 10-bathroom property with 14,000 square feet of living space. The villa is located in a private gated community on the Chattahoochee River and is equipped with a monster pool, spa and outdoor fire pit.

A suitable bed for T.I’s new mega mansion

Rapper TI flaunts a giant, god-sized bed in his Georgia mansion

The rapper’s new home also has its own gym, massage room, cinema and wine cellar.

Put it this way, if TI were to buy or build a full-size bed, it would have looked really weird in the huge master bedroom of the house.

Is anyone ready for a nap now ?!

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