Rajasthan HC allows BEd holders to appear in teacher exam | Jodhpur News

JODHPUR: The higher court ordered BEd in an interim order. However, graduates of the REET-I exam, scheduled for Sept. 26, appear subject to the approval of the Supreme Court.
These instructions were issued by a department bank of the Sangeet Lodha Justice and Vinit Kumar Mathur Justice with a view to the examination on 26.
“We consider it appropriate and accordingly point out that the candidates with a B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. (NIOS) and have applied for participation in the REET 2021 Level I test in accordance with the amended notification of February 8, 2021 from the REET coordinator by February 20, 2021, may appear in REET for the time being[1]2021 Level I exam expected on September 26, 2021 subject to the decision of the written applications. However, their results may not be disclosed without the approval of the court, ‚ÄĚsays the order.
It should be noted that some contenders challenged the state government’s decision to put B. Ed. Graduates who appear in REET Level 1 even though the NCTE allows them to change their guidelines in June 2018 on the condition of taking a bridging course.
Previously, the NCTE had reserved REET level 1 only for BSTC students and REET level 2 for BEd. Students. But it changed that rule in June 2018 and allowed the BEd. Students who also show up for the Level 1 exam along with the BSTC applicants.
But the state government has blocked the BEd again. Students in REET 2021 (Level 1) appear in their examination notice, causing some of the aspirants to appeal this notice to the Supreme Court.
At the same time, some BSTC students had also challenged the constitutionality of the change usually made in June 2018 by the NCTE, who protested against being allowed to enter the BEd. Students appear for the REET Level 1 exam.
In February the Supreme Court issued an injunction on BEd’s objection. Students directing the Board of Secondary Education to accept BEd applications. Graduates regardless of whether they have the required authorization or not.
One of the petitioners’ attorneys, Nikhil Dungawat, said that given the facts and circumstances of the case, the Supreme Court issued this injunction to the BEd. Graduates and graduates of the elementary school diploma to take the REET Level 1 exam.


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