Rajasthan government to set up Vedic Education Board for revival of Sanskrit knowledge

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Rajasthan Vedic Education Board

The Rajasthan state government will soon set up a Vedic Education and Sanskar Board. According to official information, the board will help revive knowledge of Sanskrit scriptures and Vedas and will likely be formed in the next four to five months.

According to reports, a committee was formed to define the goals, objectives and working methods of the Board of Directors. According to the Minister of State for Sanskrit Education – Subhash Garg, reports from the committee have been sent to the state government. He added that modules based on the report will be presented to the board and the Vedic board will be operational upon approval from the Prime Minister of Rajasthan State Ashok Gehlot.

In its 2018 election program, the state government promised to appoint the board and take measures to promote the Sanskrit language. The Prime Minister announced in January 2021 that he would accelerate the research process on Vedas, and such initiatives have made the state government do better.

In a conversation with the media about the establishment of the board, the Chief Minister added that the Vedas are a treasure trove of the principles of good governance and that adopting the doctrines could trigger the concert of a welfare state.

Rajasthan has around 20 residential Vedic schools, including gurukuls, which follow the ancient teacher-discipline tradition and are run by a trust and have no regular curriculum.

Rajasthan D.El.Ed 2020 first year results

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