Railways to resume on-board catering services, provide bed linens and blankets soon

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Railways will resume catering service on board, bed linen and blankets will soon be available | Image credit: BCCL

New Delhi: Indian Railways may soon restore onboard catering and other amenities for passengers. The Indian Railways, which was closed during Corona, is now slowly returning to the rails. However, the amenities that are very important for passengers during the trip have not yet begun, be it the food that will be served during the trip or the bedding, blankets that can be found in AC buses. The Railway Board sources told Kundan Singh that the demand for these basic facilities to be restarted is well underway. Against this background, Deutsche Bahn is considering putting these facilities into operation soon.

IRCTC, which provides catering facilities to the railways, would like catering services to be restored. So that instead of packaged food, passengers can be provided with fresh food prepared in pantry tax.

Catering is the core business of IRCTC which has been closed in the last two years. The parent company of IRCTC Railways and the Ministry of Railways have a bigger stake in this. In order to avoid this loss, the railways must also consider resuming the catering service. Here the railway carried out a survey on the catering offer among the passengers.

In the survey of around 20,000 passengers, 80 percent of passengers choose cooked food rather than the pre-cooked grinder that is currently served.

Here the committee was formed to take care of the passenger facilities in the railways, PAC, ie the Passenger Facilities Committee, visited various train stations and also received feedback from the passengers and railway workers. According to sources, the committee also removed bats from train staff and passengers. People have called for the restoration of catering services and the reintroduction of linen ceilings on trains. The committee can also make suggestions for ceiling coverings on trains before winter.

The Committee believes that the impact of the catering shutdown has also had an impact on the employment of many people. According to one figure, around 5 lakhs are directly and indirectly involved in the catering.

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