Rabbit pulls out her fur to prepare bed for babies. Watch heartwarming video | Trending

The video that documents a rabbit pulling out her fur to prepare a bed for her babies was shared on Instagram.

A video documenting a rabbit’s nesting behavior has gone massively viral on social media. It was posted on Instagram with the caption, “Watch till the end.” The caption also accompanied several hashtags, including #bunny, #trending and #reelsinstagram, and two emoticons. The video is a tad bit emotional and might leave you teary-eyed.

The video was posted by a page that goes by the username @bunny_zisuzara12. It opens with a text, “Why is she picking hair?” It then shows a rabbit pulling out her fur to prepare a bed for her babies. As the video progresses, the rabbit falls while attempting to pull the curtain but gets up and tries again. Towards the end, she successfully builds a bed for her babies.

Watch the viral video below:

The video was shared on August 2 and has since accumulated over 2.2 million views. It has also raked up more than 2.3 lakh likes and numerous comments.

“Mom is mom,” posted to an individual. “My heart dropped when she fell while pulling the curtain,” wrote another with a pleading face emoticon. “Mother makes all the sacrifice for her kids,” commented a third with a heart emoticon. “I had tears in my eyes cuz it’s just been just a few days I lost my pet rabbit,” shared a fourth.


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