Queen may have sprained her back ‘getting out of bed’

Queen Elizabeth bends over to garden and ride a horse.

The 95-year-old monarch may have injured herself while bending over (Image: Getty Images)

The queen may have injured her back in a harmless everyday incident, an expert claimed.

The award-winning osteopath Anisha Joshi speculated that the monarch, who missed the memorial service on Sunday with a sprained back, could have injured herself by twisting, stooping or “awkwardly”.

The 95-year-old’s absence from the cenotaph was her recent health scare in recent weeks, after having undergone tests in hospital last month and then being told by doctors to rest and do only light tasks.

The queen was determined to attend the memorial service after a hiatus and missed events like the Cop26 summit – with aides who insisted she attend late last week.

But on Sunday morning, less than two hours before the proceedings in Whitehall, Buckingham Palace said, “The Queen, who sprained her back, decided this morning with great regret that she would not be able to attend the memorial service at the cenotaph today. ‘

They did not provide any details about the injury.

Anisha, who treats professional athletes and celebrities like Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw, told Metro.co.uk: “The queen who strained her back may have been due to an uncomfortable twist, she bent down to fetch something, and even got out of bed awkwardly – all things that could happen to us in everyday life.

Queen Elizabeth II will be driven through the Sandringham Estate on November 9, 2021 while spending time in Sandringham, Norfolk.

The Queen was driven around the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk on November 9th (Image: Paul Marriott)

“Usually there are several factors that can cause someone to experience pain or strain in their back; it can also be genetic, psychosocial, or age-related.

“However, none of this is a cause for concern, as gentle mobility and strengthening of the back help with recovery.”

It is believed that rescuers felt a car ride to the cenotaph and standing in public for long periods of time, causing their backs to deteriorate after the injury.

As to why it might have happened, Anisha added, “Back pain is usually multifactorial, which means it is usually due to multiple structures that can be causing the pain.

“The most common cause of lower back pain is either mechanical or soft tissue injuries.

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“The most common cause I’ve seen in the clinic is a muscle sprain.”

She explained that lower back pain, which is relatively common, can come on suddenly or develop slowly over time due to repetitive movements.

Anisha continued, “A sprain is typically the result of overstretching and micro-tearing of the affected ligaments that connect the bones together.”

There have been concerns that given her age, the Queen will have to slow down with her public duties.

But on Sunday Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference on Downing Street that the Queen is “very well”.

He said, “I know that everyone wants to offer their best wishes to Her Majesty the Queen, and I just wanted to reassure everyone by saying that I saw the Queen for an audience last Wednesday in Windsor on Wednesday and she is very well goes.

‘It shouldn’t have to be said, but I wanted to say it anyway.’

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on reports that there would be a “change” in the Queen’s duties or how she was straining her back when he was contacted by Metro.co.uk on Monday.

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