Queen ends rest, puts fears to bed

Queen ends rest, puts fears in bed

Queen Elizabeth II was pictured beaming at Windsor Castle on Wednesday to help curb national concerns for her health.

The 95-year-old monarch has reportedly returned to work in person after being out of sight for several weeks due to her illness.

There was another private audience for the monarch at Windsor Castle when she presented the concert organist Thomas Trotter with the Queen’s Medal for Music.

As the longest reigning monarch and her platinum anniversary next year on the horizon, all eyes are on the queen. But portrayed laughing today, all fears were put to bed.

It’s important to note that the monarch’s health has drawn a lot of attention lately after a night in the hospital and some canceled engagements.

The 95-year-old British Queen raised further health concerns when she missed several royal engagements, including a scheduled annual memorial service.

The Queen reportedly returned to work personally after taking almost a month off from duties to rest after medical advice.

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