Princess Mako Was Spotted Shopping At Bed, Bath & Beyond

Photo: ERNESTO BENAVIDES / AFP via Getty Images

Congratulations, Princess Mako of Japan, you have now joined the time-honored tradition college students and dreamers alike share: arrive in New York City and make an immediate stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond. A week after moving to the United States, Mako Komuro, as she is now known, was spotted shopping at the store while buying some items for her new one-room apartment. Such is the life of a commoner.

That fall, after years of controversy over her engagement to a commoner, Mako married and officially moved to NYC to be with her husband, Kei Komuro. The two reportedly moved into a one-room apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, in a building that appears to give tenants access to a “golf simulator”, library and spa; not to mention a built-in dishwasher. And so, like any newcomer to town who has to furnish an apartment, Mako defied the endless maze of bed linen, kitchen utensils and televisions that is Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Corresponding The daily mail, Mako bought hangers, towels, and other housewares. The report also claimed that she managed to walk out of the store with just four bags of grocery shopping, which anyone who has ever shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond knows as a sign of incredible will and self-control. Maybe she’s saving up for a hike to Brooklyn IKEA. I would wish her luck that she survived this mission, but considering that she has already survived an entire nation that apparently disapproves of her marriage, I think she can handle the stress of getting between a MALM and a HAUGA decide.

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