Prince Harry says some of the Royal Family have “gotten in bed with the devil”

Prince Harry has been doing press rounds amid the release of his book “spare” in which he discloses information about the Royal Family that not many people know, like what happened after Queen Elizabeth II passed and the royals “got in bed with the devil”.

Prince Harry made it so everybody knew right off the bat that he loves his family and the point of the book is not to attack or harm anyone in it.

Prince Harry did not write the book to hurt his family

After stating that this is not an attack he mentions that the purpose of the book is to shed some light on his side of the story and the family that he made with former actress Megan Markle and clear the air about the read that were shared.

He mentioned that before, he loved spending time with his brother and that he got along great with Kate Middleton as well.

Prince Harry dreamed of the time he could feel less of a third wheel when he used to do work with his brother and sister-in-law.

Prince Harry accepts part of the blame for stereotyping his wife as “the American Actress”

The Duke of Sussex claims that everything started on the wrong foot when the royals did not expect him to be with a successful actress that had a different background and there were stereotypes that he even was guilty of, as he also referred to Meghan as the “American actress”.

Addressing the aftermath of the Queen’s passinghe mentioned that there were some that wanted to “rehabilitate their image” and he said that he was on board with whatever anyone in his family wanted to do, however, when doing it by hurting someone else, that is when he drew the line .


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