Prince Andrew’s servants had sketch instructing them where to place the teddy bears on his bed

Earlier this week, a former royal constable claimed that Prince Andrew, 61, would “yell and scream” if servants didn’t place his teddy bears exactly how he wanted them at Buckingham Palace.

Now, in an even more bizarre twist, it has been claimed that the Duke of York devised a plan for how his five teddies and cuddly toys should be positioned on his bed each night.

A handwritten guide is said to have included two hippos, a black panther, and bears, and three pillows named “Daddy,” “Ducks,” and “Prince.” The mirror .

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It showed exactly where blankets should be placed, as well as five toys and a fur that had ties that had to hang down the side of the bed.

Apparently the instructions were laminated and titled “DOY bed: points to fold down and make beds,” with Andrew keeping the accompanying sketch near his bed during his stay at the Palace.

The staff wrote: “If the DOY is staying overnight, place a small teddy bear and pillow in the envelope flap.

“When you make the bed, place the teddy & pillow next to the teddy on the left with the necklaces.”

Underneath it was emphasized in capital letters: “Don’t loose (sic) the teddy & cushion!!”

The sketch indicated that a teddy bear with a heart had to be placed on the left side of the headboard and a gray hippopotamus on the right, while the panther was halfway down.

A second hippopotamus should be placed on a green blanket at the end of the bed.

The Duke of York would throw a tantrum if his beloved teddy bear collection were knocked over by maids, a former Royal Police constable claims
The Duke of York would throw a tantrum if his beloved teddy bear collection were knocked over by maids, a former Royal Police constable claims

A source tells The sun : “It’s hilarious that an English prince would want his teddy bears on his bed. You can imagine him crying, “Mom, they didn’t put the hippos on my bed!” to the queen when anyone is wrong.

“Maybe they were gifts from his daughters or Fergie, but it’s still weird.”

Former royal cop Paul Page worked in the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command between 1998 and 2004 and had access to the Prince’s private apartments.

In that apartment, the Duke had a bed stuffed with stuffed animals and toys, Page claims.

He said: “It had about 50 or 60 stuffed animals on the bed and basically there was a card that the inspector showed us in a drawer and it was a picture of these bears all in place.

“The reason for the laminated image was that if these bears weren’t put in the right order by the maids, he would scream and scream.”

‘Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile’ was broadcast on ITV on Tuesday at 9pm.

The broadcaster said the documentary saw host Ranvir Singh uncover the story of how Maxwell was “sunk in shame and disgrace” by her friendship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

It would also explore how Andrew became involved in the scandal as he faces his own possible civil court case brought by Virginia Giuffre.

A representative for the Duke of York declined to comment on the comments about stuffed animals.

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