Pregnant school teacher conducts class remotely from her hospital bed

COMMERCE CITY, Colorado (KDVR) – While Adams 14 School District is working remotely this week due to COVID, some employees are teaching from home. But a pregnant and bedridden teacher leads the class from her hospital bed.

Colette Beausoleil is the director of physical education at Adams City High School in Commerce City.

Coach Beau, as she is known, is pregnant with twins and is due to have a caesarean section on Thursday. She has been in bed rest in the hospital since January 4th.

“I’m a high-risk pregnancy so they wanted me to stay in the hospital until I was due to have my c-section,” Beausoleil said.

When Adams 14 switched to distance learning for the week due to COVID, Coach Beau saw this as an opportunity to connect with her students.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is great! I can spend my last days with them. ‘ So I contacted my admin team and said, ‘Can I work please?’ ”She said to Kim Posey of FOX31.

The students were initially surprised.

“They said, ‘Wait, where are you?'” She said with a laugh.

But then it went back to business. Coach Beau taught through her anxious personal moments and modeled what it looks like to adapt in difficult times.

“I always say, ‘Hard work, dedication – dedication, hard work.’ And we sing it back and forth sometimes, and I wanted to model that kind of, ”she said.

Jacob Katz, the assistant principal, says he’s impressed but not surprised by Coach Beau.

“She’s been with Coach Beau for three years. She will do everything possible to help her children or students teach from the hospital bed, ”he said.


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