Pregnant Kajal Agarwal in Bed ?

Kajal Agarwal fell in love with her long time boyfriend gautam Kichalu and married him in 2020. After her marriage, she starred in films including indian 2 and recently announced that she was pregnant. Following this, Kajal Agarwal, who is pregnant, is currently living in dubai with her husband gautam Kichalu. Even after marriage, actress Kajal Agarwal often conducts photo shoots and posts photos on the internet.

Even though he is over 30 years old, he has a huge fan base to watch his photo shoot which looks like a wax statue in beauty. Most recently, he co-starred with his nephew Ishan Wallace in an Oreo Biscuit commercial. Kajal gained weight in the ad and her face looked bigger. As a result, it looks like Pete is currently posing for an ad. In it, she mentions that this bed is very comfortable for her during pregnancy and is suitable for use by all pregnant women.


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