Police thief again; It was not the mango that was stolen, but the mobile phone of the person who was sleeping in the bed

Kanpur: Police caught the thief again on CCTV. A constable was caught on CCTV stealing the mobile phone of a man who was sleeping on the bed. The incident took place on Saturday night in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. A policeman stole the mobile phone of a man who was sleeping in a bed while on routine patrolling in Chatmara in Maharajapur area of ​​Kanpur. After the CCTV footage of the incident came out, the constable was suspended.

Taipat Pragesh Singh, constable of Maharajapur police station, did the shameful act for the policemen. After reaching the man who was sleeping in the bed, he stole the mobile phone and ran away. The footage of the incident has been clearly captured on CCTV. Home guard Laik Singh was with the officer at the time of the incident.

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After the video went viral, the top officials took action against the officer. Additional SP Vijendra Dwivedi informed that constable Taipat Pragesh Singh has been suspended from service. Action will also be taken against the accompanying home guard.

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The officer stole the phone of Nitin Singh, a resident of Chatmara. Nitin Singh was sleeping on the bed. It was at this time that Constable Taipat Pragesh Singh and Home Guard Laik Singh, who were on patrol duty, stole the phone. Investigation started on Nitin Singh’s complaint. Earlier, the policeman who stole the manga in Kanjirapalli in Kottayam district was also caught on CCTV.

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