PMH bed space issue seeing ‘some relief’

Princess Margaret Hospital.  (File photo)

Princess Margaret Hospital. (File photo)


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In light of declining COVID-19 cases and falling hospital rates, Minister of Health and Wellness Dr.

The minister told The Tribune that the Department of Health and Wellness’s new administration and staff are “taking stock and looking at areas” that they can improve in the short term while developing a long term strategy.

“Now that the pandemic numbers are falling and hospital admissions due to COVID are falling, there is room for beds. The challenges we have with the PMH are many, but with the pandemic and hospital admissions, the big problem we had with the PMH with the bed space, we are seeing some relief.

“Against this background, we still have to find ways to improve the PMH offer and to prepare for the possibility of another wave that could approach us for COVID-19. So the work goes on, ”he explained.

He noted that his team was touring the morgue and “we realized that there are some immediate needs at this location”.

“We have to work there immediately. The scope of work has been completed and hopefully within a week, maximum two, we would place an order to start the work.

“The area is shabby. We have some mechanical, air conditioning, and an air flow situation that needs to be worked out by machine builders, and then when you go to the back of the morgue we thought it wasn’t presentable so there is a cleaning schedule up the room. “

Regarding the problems with the bodies in the morgue, the minister added: “A plan has been put in place to act quickly so that many relatives’ remains are more organized and faster to move. As I understand it, some of it is done. “

A press conference was organized earlier this month to address recent reports of maternity deaths, standard operating procedures, staff threats and staff fatigue at PMH. However, it was postponed to a later date.

Dr. Darville admitted that a press conference by the Public Hospital Authority was in the works to address the maternity ward, pediatric ward and some of the concerns individuals have had in providing these services.

“We decided to first of all speak to those affected directly to hear their complaints while this independent study is ongoing. The information we receive from these individuals will prove useful as we run our affairs at Princess Margaret Hospital and ensure that customer satisfaction (satisfaction) is achieved, ”he said.

14 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on Sunday, bringing the number of tolls nationwide to 22,601. Officials said 47 people were hospitalized with the virus.

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