PMC to start dialysis unit at Meentai Thackeray hospital

As part of a private-public partnership model, PMC will be commissioning a dialysis unit with ten beds in its Meentai Thackeray hospital

PUNE Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will be commissioning a ten-bed dialysis unit in their Meentai Thackeray hospital as part of a private-public partnership model.

Under this agreement, the PMC would enter into an agreement with an NGO for the next 10 years to provide services at nominal cost.

The agency will provide the machines and personnel, while the citizens’ authority would provide the 1,500 square meters of space in the hospital. Water and electricity costs are covered by the citizenry.

The PMC will sign a 10-year contract with a private NGO, the Global Foundation, to provide dialysis services at a nominal cost of. provide 357, including GST, per patient, per dialysis, excluding consumables.

The PMC said in its proposal that the city of Pune has a large number of patients with diabetes and heart disease, which leads to complicated kidney disease.

Dr. Sanjeev Wavare, Deputy Health Officer at PMC, said: “This is to ensure that the poor and those who cannot afford dialysis, which is a regular and repeated treatment process, can take advantage of this service. As of now, the poor are dependent on Sassoon General Hospital, which is taking in more patients than they can take. We have therefore decided to open our own dialysis unit in our hospital. This will be of great help to the citizens, who would otherwise have to prolong the basic need for dialysis, which could further lead to complicated complaints for patients who are already at risk. ”

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