Plan for eight bed HMO in Sparkbrook

A building application has been submitted for an eight-bedroom apartment building in Sparkbrook.

The plan is to build a rear annex to the first floor on Shakespeare Street near Stratford Road.

According to the planning documents, work would be carried out on the ground floor of the building and on the top floor with four bedrooms. A small rear dormer will add four more bedrooms.

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The ground floor of the building is currently used as an apartment for residential use, while the ground floor is used as a day care center. The kindergarten remains unaffected by the plans.

A design and access declaration submitted to the Birmingham City Council as part of the application states: “The proposal is to change the use of the existing C3 apartment into a 4 bedroom HMO. In addition, we propose to increase the number of bedrooms, adding a rear extension to the first floor, in addition a small rear dormer to the attic.

“This suggestion would be great for individuals who need the space. The changes to the existing building would be very successful in this setting, which is attracting individuals because of its location.”

HMOs are often for tenants who are ex-offenders, people with drug and alcohol problems, refugees, people in need of care, vulnerable people with learning and mental health problems.

They can also accommodate frail elderly people and women at risk of domestic violence.

Building application documents for the Shakespeare Street plan can be viewed here using the reference number 2021/09668 / PA.

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A public consultation on the plan is ongoing and the public has until 10 December to comment on the proposal.

A decision on the plan should be made in January next year.

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