Peter Crouch shocked after finding Holly Willoughby in his bed

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(via BBC)

Footballer Peter Crouch got the fright of his life after finding Holly Willoughby in his bed.

The former English footballer was left speechless after a hilarious prank saw Holly Willoughby replace his wife in their bed.

It all happened on the most recent episode of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, when Peter Crouch was chosen as the comedian’s next victim to unexpectedly take part in Michael’s Midnight Game Show.

Take a look at the hilarious moment below.

In the video, the lights were turned off in Crouch’s bedroom for a game of spot the difference – and when the lights came back on, he had to see what had changed.

In the meantime, his wife Abbey had swapped places with Holly, but it took quite a while for Peter to notice.

Viewers have been reacting to the hilarious moment online.

One person wrote: “This has me crying”, with a series of laughing faces.

“How did he not feel her leave the bed”, another asked.

While one other viewer replied: “I can’t breathe”.


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