Peter Crouch has priceless reaction to waking up in bed next to Holly Willoughby

If you’re looking for a good laugh today, you’ve clicked on the right article.

I present to you: Peter Crouch getting the fright of his life when he finds This Morning host Holly Willoughby in bed beside him:

Peter, 41, was playing a light-hearted game of real life spot the difference on The Michael McIntyre Showwhen he got a whole lot more than he had bargained for, and had his model wife Abbey Clancy swapped out for Holly Willoughby.

After getting roped into the game, Peter found himself in a double bed with his wife Abbey while referee Mike Dean stood before him holding a whistle, as Michael told him to take in as many details as he could before the lights went out.

“So, basically, the lights are gonna be turned off,” the comedian explained.

“When the lights are turned back on, you are going to need to spot as many differences as you can.”

For viewers at home, it was pretty obvious what the biggest difference was when the lights came back on – his wife was no longer sat beside him, and the lovely Holly Willoughby had taken her place.

Peter, however, took an embarrassingly long time to notice.

Peter was shook when he realized Holly was beside him.  Credit: BBC
Peter was shook when he realized Holly was beside him. Credit: BBC

Looking around after the lights came back on, the footballer first noticed that Michael McIntyre was wearing a bright green bucket.

Next, he noticed that Mike was now holding a cucumber instead of a whistle, and that a candle in the corner of the room had been replaced by an inflatable banana.

Eventually, almost a minute into the game, Peter casually turned to his wife, only to realize who was sat beside him.

The Masked Dancer judge let out a shriek before hiding his head under the covers and busting a gut laughing.

“So did you notice any other differences?” Michael casually asked.

“It’s Holly Willoughby!” Peter replied through his laughs.

“I wasn’t expecting that one!”

Grinning from ear to ear, Holly assured Peter: “This is weird for me too.”

It took Peter a seriously long time to spot Holly.  Credit: BBC
It took Peter a seriously long time to spot Holly. Credit: BBC

Viewers at home were in stitches over Peter’s priceless reaction.

“Peter Crouch’s face is all of us if we woke up next to Holly Willoughby,” tweeted one fan. “Absolutely brilliant!”

“This was the best bit of telly I’ve seen in years. Absolutely brilliant!!” agreed a second.

“This was just so so funny. No matter how many times you see it,” raved a third.

Spotting the viral clip on Twitter, Peter also reacted to the video, simply by telling Michael McIntyre, “You’re a bad person.”

Good to see he took it well, then.


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