Pet owner turns old TV set into an adorable cat bed; viral pics leave netizens in awe

Pet lovers are a plethora in number, however, a significant number of pet owners treat their pets like their own children. Pet parents travel all lengths to provide their loved pets with a comfortable life. As if a proving point to the statement, a man turned his old TV set into a bed for his cat to rest upon. The pictures of the ‘innovative’ bed for pet has been doing rounds ever since being shared online.

As it is evident from the pictures below, the owner of the cat had renovated the aged TV set by removing all the parts and components inside it, leaving behind a vacuum space. Then, the pet owner decorated the inside walls of the television box with light paint and laid a soft cushion on its surface for the cat to sit comfortably. Sharing the picture on Twitter, the user wrote, “My dad bought an old tv and gutted it to turn it into a cat bed”.

While in the subsequent thread, the Twitterati shared the video explaining the functioning of the bed. Sharing the video, she wrote, “The original brightness knob on the front also acts as a dimmer switch for the light”. There is no denial to the fact that the cat bed is adorable to watch.

Netizens’ reactions

The viral picture has gained traction on the internet and accumulated 494.9K likes accompanied by an array of retweets. The picture prompted many to express their thoughts. A user wrote, “So awesome. Love it. Just a terrific piece of furniture too with the speaker down at the bottom.”. A second user wrote, “It almost looks like a side eye”. A third user commented, “No way! That’s so cool!”.

Image: Unsplash


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