Pet Bed Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right One

A pet is a lovely family member for everyone. Caring owners try to make living conditions for fluffy pets at home as comfortable as possible. For cats and dogs, buy not only the necessary accessories and food, but also a lot for a comfortable sleep and rest. In this article, we will tell you why pets need beds, what types and sizes there are, and which are better to choose.

Why should pets have their own place in the house?

So for cats and dogs there is a feeling of security and comfort, as well as security for your own bed and personal space. Finally, a place is also a necessary attribute of the educational process. Upon hearing the command to “place”, the dog clearly understands where it has been sent and does not run around the house looking for a quiet corner.

So if you have a four-legged friend at home, they should have their own bed in which they can relax after a walk, nibble on a favorite toy or just lie down.

Pet Bed Buying Guide: How To Pick The Right One

How to choose the right bed for pets

Pay attention to the quality of the materials the dog is made of. It should be comfortable, durable, and easy to care for;

Pet beds get salty and dirty quickly. Therefore, give preference to models where you can easily remove the covers for washing and drying.

The sleeping place should correspond to the size of the animal. Observe which poses the dog or cat assumes in their sleep: some sleep “curled up”, others like to stretch out in their sleep, so the shape should fit;

When buying a bed, it should also be borne in mind that the pet tramples for a while when lying down, turns, and can sometimes “rake” a place for itself, so the material should be durable.

Pet Bed Buying Guide: How To Pick The Right One

1. Mat

Pet Bed Buying Guide: How To Pick The Right One

When it’s warm, this is a good place for large and medium-sized pets who like to sleep stretched out. In addition, a pet has the option of moving its sleeping place at will. By the way, this type of bed is the easiest to care for. It doesn’t take long to shake off the dust, wash regularly, and dry in the sun.

2. Lodge

The most common type is a lying house, which is often of a closed type and visually resembles a small cabin, in which the animal can relax in peace. Houses are made of soft fabrics, there are models with insulated walls – such houses have good thermal insulation properties. The advantages are as follows: it is soft and comfortable, warm inside, does not take up much space and allows the pet to control the territory and feel protected.

3. Bed pocket

Pet Bed Buying Guide: How To Pick The Right One

It’s a sleek design in the shape of a sleeping bag with a narrow rim at the entrance. The animal can stay comfortably in this warm “nest”, which is particularly important in the cold season. The range includes couch bags in various sizes, shapes and colors. The main advantage of such a lounge is that it does not take up much space and is easy to transport.

4. Bed transformer

It combines several functions: a reliable shelter, a place to rest and sleep. The product is made in the form of a mattress, sofa, basket or bed with a closed top. A very practical option to create a cozy home for your dog or cat.

5. Basket beds

Some models are created by weaving from a vine. They look very nice and fit harmoniously into the interior. There is a mattress on the inside that is soft and comfortable.

6. Hanging beds on the wall

If there is no space for a cat bed on the floor, pay attention to the universal folding models with special wall brackets. Such structures can be placed at any distance from the ground. The advantages of hanging beds: Cats like to be up high and watch everything that happens in the house. This bed will become a favorite place for your pet.

What about the size of the bed for your pet?

In order for the couch not to be too small or too big for your dog or cat, you need to choose its size correctly. To do this, you need to measure the “length” of the pet from the tip of the nose to the center of the tail. If you are buying a round bed, add another 5-15 or 20-30 cm to the resulting value to get the size of the pet.

Also measure the height from the legs to the spine of a pet that sleeps stretched out on its side. Multiply the resulting value by 2 – this is the optimal width of the bed.

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