Perseverance taxi driver gunned down in bed

The police say they are investigating the murder of Delon Josiah, called Milo, a 37-year-old Taxi Driver at 007 Taxi Service who resided at Lot 625 Perseverance, East Bank Demerara.

The alleged murder occurred at about 21:45 hrs last night and was carried out by two masked men armed with handguns.

Police ranks visited the scene at about 22:05 hrs last night.

Inquiries so far disclosed that the now deceased Taxi Driver resided in a flat, concrete structure situated at the intersection of two streets that run east to west and north to south in a well-fenced yard.

Two gates are on the eastern and northern sides. The house consists of three bedrooms.

Further investigations revealed that Delon Josiah was sleeping inside the southwestern bedroom, whilst his wife, Nicosc McDonald Josiah was at the front door with a female friend when the two armed perpetrators confronted them.

On foot, the men arrived from the yard’s eastern and western sides. They were fully masked and asked for Delon.

They then led both females inside the house and began searching for Delon. One of the perpetrators opened the bedroom door where Delon Josiah was, and both opened fire on the now-deceased man.

They then escaped in the eastern direction of the yard. When the police visited, the body was lying in a pool of blood.

The scene was photographed and processed, and four .40 caliber spent shells, four .9MM spent shells, four metal fragments, and three bullets were recovered.

Several people were contacted and interviewed, and the area was canvassed for closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Investigations are ongoing.

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