Perfect Day at CocoCay beach bed review

There are many ways to extend your visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay such as: B. by renting a bed for the day.

Beach beds are an optional rental that you can purchase when you visit Royal Caribbean’s private island for the day. reader Shannon Ford tried one on a recent Freedom of the Seas cruise and shared her thoughts on what to expect if you get one.

Rating beach bed

My family and I recently rented a beach bed on Chill Island from Perfect Day at CocoCay. This was a last minute decision that we booked 3 days before we left. The price is normally $199 but about 2 weeks before we left the price dropped to $149 which is the price we paid.

There are two areas with Beach Bed Rentals. The first are the Chill Island Day Beds, which is where we stayed. If you look at CocoCay’s map, these are in the lower left corner.

The second area is the Breezy Bay at Chill Island Day Beds. These are located behind the Oasis Lagoon near the Floating Cabanas.


When we got to the area there was a booth where we checked in and received our wristbands. Each daybed gets 4 wristbands, and yes, kids count.

We quickly got a map and set off. The day beds are pre-allocated and we were given bed #12 which was a perfect location.

Of the 30 daybeds in this area, 21 were rented and they accepted walk-ups for the remaining beds. With two ships in port, 15 beds were allocated per ship. Beds 1-5 were for the Freedom of the Seas, beds 6-10 for the Harmony of the Seas and so on and so forth.

The beds have a roof but no walls, but there are white curtains on two sides for privacy (and shade). They proved very helpful for our nap later in the day.

The rental price also includes 2 loungers, 2 floating mats and a cool box filled with ice and 4 canisters of spring water. Your name will also be on a plaque on your assigned day bed. I think this happens for two reasons. One so you can easily find your bed and two so the crew knows which beds are not rented.

We saw a couple lying in bed directly behind us (#29) that had not been rented. A crew member stopped by and politely informed them that the day beds needed to be rented in order for them to be used.

Bartenders usually walk around and serve you at your day bed. However due to Covid we were told upon check in that they were extremely understaffed and were not expecting them. We never saw a bartender in the area. This was not an issue for us. If you want a drink the nearest bar is The Wacky Seagull and very close by.

Unlike the cabanas, the day beds don’t have a safe to store personal items. However, you can store your desired items for free in the lockers nearby. We never felt the need to do this and just drew the curtains down when we went to get food and left whatever we had on the bed. Other than that, we didn’t leave anything of real value behind either.

That leads us to the food. Unlike the cabanas, nobody is there to serve you lunch, you have to get it yourself. This was not a problem for us either. Our original plan was to take our food back to the daybed for dinner but it’s a good walk so we decided to just eat at the picnic tables at Chill Grill. Considering what a messy eater my 6 year old is, this was a wise choice.

Finally, the beach area was perfect for this stretch of Chill Island. Our son enjoyed building sand castles (more of a sand house), playing in the water and lounging on one of the floating mats.

It also seemed to be the snorkeling area as we saw many, many snorkelers in the area. If you have young children this is a great area as there are no waves. My son, who absolutely loves Splashaway Bay on CocoCay, never wanted to leave the beach so we never made it to this area.

We ended our time at the Day Bed with a family nap. It was wonderful! I had set my alarm to make sure we didn’t miss the ship, but there was also a crew member checking each of the beds to make sure everyone was awake.

We had to be back on board by 5:00 p.m. and left the area around 4:20 p.m. There are showers and bathrooms nearby, all of which we visited before heading back to the ship.

Final Thoughts

Breezy Bay on Chill Island vs. Chill Island Day Bed on Coco Cay - Shore Excursions - Royal Caribbean Blog

So do you need to rent a day bed? Absolutely not. Beach chairs were plentiful throughout the island. Will we be hiring a day bed again. Absolutely!

The day bed just made our day on CocoCay better and just about perfect (pun intended). We currently have an Oasis Lagoon Cabana booked for our March cruise which we booked on Black Friday but are considering upgrading to a day bed rental should they become available. They are currently sold out.

We paid $149 which was excellent value but would I buy it for $199? I think so. It just makes the day easier, especially with a kid, and I’ve spent $200 on dumber things.

When you also factor in the special loungers, the two floating mats and a cooler, it all adds up.

In my opinion, the Chill Island daybeds are a great choice for smaller families who want a private, dedicated space with easy access to the beach.

Visit Shannon’s YouTube channel for lots more travel information and tips.

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