‘Panicked’ drink driver’s hid in bed after hedge crash

A “panicked” drinks driver with paralyzing fear crashed into a hedge, ran away from the scene and hid in his bedroom – his mother told officers where he was.

Liam Jones told officials that a drive was part of his “escape plan” if he was suffering from a psychological episode and felt he was harming himself.

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However, the 20-year-old was more than two and a half times the limit when his Volkswagen Polo got off the road after a night in Worcester and crashed into a field hedge.

Witnesses called 999 after the Broadwas crash on October 3 of this year after seeing Jones “running into the distance” on the street.

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Jones admitted driving with excessive alcohol when he appeared before the magistrate Thursday. Police were able to trace Jones through the national police computer to his home in Primrose Bank, Newtown, Martley, near Worcester.

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Ralph Robyns-Landricombe, prosecutor, said when the defendant’s mother opened the door she told officers, “You are here because he had an accident in his car. He’s panicking and he’s upstairs in his room.”

He said he had a panic attack. Officers asked Jones, still fully clothed, to get out of bed to look for possible injuries. The officers described him as “unsteady on his feet” and described his eyes as “glassy”. “You could smell alcohol on his breath,” said the prosecutor.

The lowest conclusive reading was 91 µg alcohol per 100 ml breath, more than two and a half times the limit of 35.

“He was out in Worcester with his friends who were drinking until about 2:30 am and got a cab to his home address. He felt like he was harming himself,” the prosecutor said.

Part of his strategy for dealing with an episode like this was to drive his car, and he drove to a friend’s house in Malvern before “crashing the car into the hedge because he had a panic attack”. Jones, who had driven with a full driver’s license for three years, said he tried to move the car, which proved unsuccessful.

Mark Turnbull, who defended, said, “Mr. Jones is struggling with quite severe anxiety and is receiving therapy for it. As part of this therapy, there is a safe plan that essentially tries to deal with it or makes a plan for when he feels particularly anxious. He has a history of self-harm and some attempted suicide. ”

He added, “Essentially, he made a decision that ‘if I stay here I will do something unfortunate’.”

As a result of the incident, his medication was increased. The landscaper and soil worker has been unable to work since the incident. The drug is said to cause “drowsiness and dizziness”. After the driving ban, he would definitely lose his job, according to the court.

Mr Turnbull said curfew was not appropriate as part of his advice was to have an “escape plan” to prevent self-harm. “We could have a young man doing something really unfortunate,” he said.

The judges banned him from driving for 28 months, fined him £ 738 and sentenced him to pay a cost of £ 135 and a sacrifice surcharge of £ 74.

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