Palm trees, a luxury pet bed and a dog named Sean

A pair of palm trees, a Louis Vuitton pet bed, and a Scottish Terrier are some of the strangest items left in Tayside and Fife Travelodges last year.

The hotel giant has listed a number of weird and wonderful items that were left over in its local branches.

Other forgotten items include a Vera Wang wedding dress – probably worth thousands of pounds – that was left in a room at the Dundee Strathmore Central Travelodge and a treasure map that was forgotten in Glenrothes.

Full list of strange items

The full list was released on the Monday following the hotel chain’s 2021 lost-and-found audit.

It contains:

  • A wedding dress by Vera Wang
  • A vintage record player
  • A couple of palm trees
  • A Tiffany engagement ring
A dress by Vera Wang. Photo by Louis Lanzano / AP / Shutterstock
  • A set of Toby pitchers
  • A Louis Vuitton pet bed
  • A treasure map
  • A saree. with tartan pattern
  • A Scottish terrier named Sean
  • A children’s Rolls Royce
  • Tailored tartan fabric
  • An old framed map of Perth
  • A Chinese calico cat
  • A collection of handwritten poems
  • A personalized writing set
Lucky cats toy.
  • A basket from Fortnum & Mason
  • A model of Edinburgh Castle
  • A dollhouse
  • A scrapbook featuring Scottish celebrities
  • A 1.5 m long Nessie cuddly toy

Due to the huge demand for accommodation in the UK this year, Travelodge hotels across the country have seen a huge boom in forgotten items.

“Valuable possessions are easily forgotten”

Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed said: “In 2021, we saw millions of customers at our 582 Travelodge UK properties, including our hotels in Dundee and Perth, and saw a significant increase in bookings.

“This has resulted in our customers leaving a number of interesting items in our UK hotels.

Among the items left behind was an old record player.

“This year’s lost-and-found exam includes an increase in Christmas items, wedding props, precious sentimental items, smart devices, and more.

“That includes a pair of palm trees, a treasure map and a scrapbook of Scottish celebrities.

“When it comes to why so many of our customers forget their valuable items, it is essentially because we all have little time, juggling multiple tasks and are in a hurry to get from A to B. Valuable possessions are easily forgotten in a hurry. “

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