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In the days leading up to Christmas, Rees Carroll and the board of directors of Operation Bed Spread faced insurmountable difficulties. The Braunschweig-based non-profit organization had a list of 23 children who needed beds and only a few hours to collect the money to cover these costs. Otherwise these boys and girls would spend the night before Christmas on the floor.

But when the call came on December 22nd, the Golden Isles were making a big splash.

And Carroll is grateful for another vacation miracle. Not only did enough donations arrive to meet their goal of $ 17,500, but more than $ 100,000 came from the islands and beyond.

“The board and I couldn’t be more grateful. It was just amazing, ”he said.

“We were able to get everyone off the floor for Christmas who asked for a bed before Thursday. We delivered 20 sets on Christmas Eve morning. We spent about $ 30,000 more or less. But we will also have the money to get a new van that we urgently needed. “

While this Christmas fundraiser was hugely successful, the constant need for beds will soon be using up the full coffers. Carroll says the money will soon run out and they will face a similar crisis.

“Some people have asked me if we’re going to do our Christmas bed ride again this year … but we do that year-round,” said Carroll. “I don’t think some people realize that there is a constant need. We’ve had another 30 inquiries since Christmas and while we’ve had a great response, the money won’t last long. “

The constant outflow of liquidity makes it extremely difficult for Operation Bed Spread to move forward. Carroll says one thing that would help them avoid significant outages every year.

“What would really help us would be if people donated every month. It wouldn’t have to be much, but even $ 20 a month would help us keep the gasoline in the tank, keep our trucks running and help us keep buying beds, ”he said.

“We have it available on our website, operationbedspread.org, where you can set up monthly donations. That would be so helpful. The need never ends. The school can be down, but the houses burn down, or the women at Glynn Community Crisis Center or Amity House (may need help). “


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