Online Date Turns Into Nightmare As Woman Put In Headlock And Dragged To Bed by This Violent Man

London: People who meet online and take their internet dating to the next level, here is a lesson for you. However, it is strongly recommended that such individuals conduct due diligence and find out about the partner first before actually meeting in person.Also Read – Bumble, The Online Dating App That Helps Women Take The First Step!

One such incident happened recently in Hull, England, where two women had to go the hard way that trust is something that is not easy to give. The incident happened when they met a 25-year-old man who turned out to be someone with a plethora of previous convictions. The man has been identified as Allan MacGilvray of Hull. Also Read – Would you rather send texts or voice memos? 72% say texts: This is how Indians meet in 2020

Hull’s Allan MacGilvray reportedly grabbed one of his victims in a headlock and dragged them to a bed. In the incident, she passed out and had a panic attack. Also Read – Pakistan Bans Dating and Live Streaming Apps, Including Tinder and Grindr, for Uploading “Immoral” Content

Another woman had a black eye after losing his temper during an argument with MacGilvray, HullLive reported.

However, MacGilvray denied assaulting a woman and actually causing assault between November 15-17 last year. He was sentenced after a trial by a local court. He was acquitted by the Hull Crown Court jury for raping her.

MacGilvray had previously admitted attacking a woman in December who actually caused assault and criminal harm.

According to the indictment, MacGilvray met the first victim online and eventually invited him over to his home, and then they both allegedly had consensual sex.

MacGilvray later admitted attacking the second woman when they met in December.

It should be noted that MacGilvray has been convicted of 65 previous offenses, including violence, control and coercion.


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