One-of-a-Kind Skittles Dispensing Bed Selling for Just $1.50

As for great deals, it’s pretty amazing to try the rainbow for just $ 1.50, the price of a bag of cones. Sometimes you can’t even get a bottle of water for that amount. And most of the planet is covered in that stuff! But to be able to both taste and sleep on a rainbow for fifty dollars ??? This is outright theft. One lucky fan will eat himself up very soon. Skittles teamed up with Simmons for a bespoke bed that actually dispenses those sweet treats. All for the price of a normal bag of sweets.

The yellow Simmons Skittles output bed against a blue background
Simmons / Kegelchen

On December 13th, a unique bed of sweets based on the “first come, first served” principle will be available. The Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed, which has a 10-inch foam mattress, combines sleep with sugar. The bed (which we saw for the first time HYPEBEAST) doubles as a real Skittles dispenser machine! Why? Simmons says, “Just for fun-ZZZ’s !!!” The fact that we’re telling you all about both brands on this crossover probably doesn’t hurt either.

Despite being a real bed, it comes with a price tag that you would find in a supermarket. It’s available for just $ 1.50. In many places the average price for a bag of cones. The only catch is that Simmons won’t say what time of day it will sell on the 13th. To find out, you need to follow Simmons on Instagram and sign up for pointers on the exact time.

The Simmons Skittles output bed in a room next to a window in a skyscraper
Simmons / Kegelchen

Every buyer also has to meet some obligations. You must be at least 18 years old and live in the continental United States. Sorry to those of you in Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories. In addition, for delivery and installation, the buyer must have “a room, hallways and doorway that can accommodate the following dimensions”. For shipping, it is approximately 91 inches high, 51.5 / 8 inches wide, and 38 inches deep. When the bed is open it measures approximately 99 inches wide and 79 inches deep. In addition, the bed must be a “semi-permanent” part of your home. So don’t plan on selling it at a 100,000% markup.

Also, a bag of Skittle may be cheap, but the only Skittle dispenser bed is priceless.

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