Omicron threat: Private hospitals in Kolkata defer Covid bed squeeze plan | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Several private hospitals that were considering reducing the number of their Covid beds this week have put the plan on hold in the face of Omicron – the South African tribe classified as worrying by the WHO. Most have now decided to wait a fortnight and keep a close eye on the number of entries before squeezing Covid units.
AMRI hospitals that had decided to review Covid bed demand in their three units and reduce the number of beds have now decided to wait until mid-December. The hospital now has 50 Covid beds, which should be reduced to 40. “Since Omicron is on the prowl and it is a highly transmissible variety, we have now decided against reducing the number of Covid beds. The number of approvals, which has not yet increased, is being closely monitored, ”said Rupak Barua, CEO of AMRI.

AMRI has around 35 Covid patients and the number of admissions has fluctuated between two and five per day for several weeks. It has more than 600 non-Covid patients in its three units.


Adapting to the emerging situation is key. Hospitals have to maintain a certain flexibility and react quickly to the local situation.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital, which reduced its Covd beds to 36 in October, had planned to further reduce it after a sharp drop in admissions since early November. The hospital has now decided to continue with its existing Covid beds. “We now have more than 300 non-Covid patients and have a long waiting list of non-Covid patients. But since a new tribe appears, we are not only putting the pressure on hold, but also making arrangements for a quick expansion of the Covid station, “said Chairman Alok Roy.
The CMRI Hospital asks its clinical team for regular updates on Omicron. Even if the number of Covid patients in the hospital has fallen below 20, there will be no immediate reduction in the number of beds. “We are closely monitoring the situation due to the Omicron threat,” said Simmardeep Gill, CEO of CK Birla Hospitals.
The RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) has 45 Covid beds with an occupancy of about 22, which has not changed in the past seven weeks. “But we will continue with the same capacity for a while and monitor the situation closely based on recent developments before accepting a call to reduce the number of beds,” said RTIICS zone chairman R. Venkatesh.
The Belle Vue Clinic now has 40 Covid patients. “With the advent of Omicron, we made a decision not to squeeze the Covid unit and are ready to expand it in the short term,” said CEO P Tondon.
The Peerless Hospital will stick to its existing 42 beds for Covid despite a long waiting list of non-Covid patients, the number of which has exceeded 330.


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