OMG! Kanha ACCIDENTALLY sleeps on the same bed on which Sayuri is sleeping in Star Bharat’s Woh To Hai Albelaa

MUMBAI: Star Bharat’s Woh To Hai Albelaa is constantly witnessing a lot of drama.

The viewers have seen how Sayuri is facing a hard time in the Chaudhary house as Saroj is leaving no chance to make her life a living hell.

We have also seen how Sayuri is getting constant support from Kanha.

Kanha knows that Saroj hates Sayuri and so she has not accepted their marriage.

However, he is trying his best to keep up his promise and make sure that Sayuri doesn’t face any issues.

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Kanha is already in a huge mess as he is handling business after Cheeru’s death.

On the top of it, he got married to Sayuri under crucial circumstances.

In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will see how Kanha is extremely tensed about the future and how things will turn out to be.

Dhanraj can easily see how Kanha is handling a lot of things at one time.

He then calms Kanha down and assures him that gradually everything will be fine between Sayuri and Saroj.

Kanha is really working hard to concentrate on business.

After a long day, Kanha will come home extremely tired.

Kanha has been sleeping in another room ever since he got married to Sayuri but this time, he was so tired that he just went to his room and slept on the bed.

Suddenly, he realized that Sayuri was also sleeping on the same bed.

Meanwhile, Kusum is very frustrated with her life as her alliance is not getting fixed anywhere.

Everyone tries to calm her as she gets insulted in front of the groom’s family.

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