Odisha’s aspiring teachers to visit homes to teach students | Bhubaneswar News

BHUBANESWAR: In order to close the education gap due to school closings, the state government has decided to hire student teachers who visit and teach children at home. This is an internship program for graduate students in elementary education (D.El.Ed) as part of their curriculum. The program is initiated by the State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT) in collaboration with Unicef.
The government has taken several initiatives to reach students who do not have physical classes. From online courses to sessions on YouTube, radio and Doordarshan, efforts are made to reach government students. But there are many who do not have access to smartphones or internet connections.
“To bridge the digital divide, we will start the Alternative Internship Program (AIP), where students from D.El.Ed go to the children’s homes and teach them,” said Gangadhar Sahoo, director of SCERT.
SCERT has planned to involve approximately 10,000 students taking the two-year D.El.Ed course at 65 teacher training institutions across the state. Each teaches a maximum of 10 students from grades II to V in their own location in accordance with Covid-19 protocols such as wearing masks, using hand sanitisers and maintaining social distance.
Lessons last three months. “This is a win-win situation for trainees and students. Trainees get experience and exposure while students can also learn their lessons, “Sahoo said, adding,” Parental consent is a must to attend physical education classes. In addition, the village head or the community head is asked about the time and place of the lessons in his / her area. ”
Sahoo said the AIP was planned following the success of a pilot project in the Gurumohisani block of May-urbhanj district, where students from the Block Institute of Education Training (BIET) were teaching children in their area as part of an internship program.
As part of the D.El.Ed course, students must attend at least 23 classes in nearby schools. “Since the school is closed due to the pandemic, I advised around 80 students from our institute to go to their villages and take physical education classes according to the Covid guidelines. It helped both the trainees to complete their internship and to improve the students’ learning ability. I had prepared a little video and put it online. Our senior officials noticed this and decided to repeat this in all districts, ”said Purna Chandra Brahma, director of BIET, Gurumohisani.
SCERT has teamed up with Unicef ​​to implement the project, as the latter will document the entire process and provide the trainees and students with safety kits with masks and disinfectants. The District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in all 30 districts will evaluate the project implementation and issue a letter of recommendation to the prospective teachers.


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