Now, a ‘pod’ hotel at Mumbai Central station

IRCTC and Indian Railways are working together to provide bed-sized rooms for overnight or short stay travelers

First, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), in cooperation with Indian Railways, introduced the “pod concept” of bed-sized relaxation rooms at Mumbai Central Station.

A pod or capsule hotel, which was first developed in Japan, has a large number of small, bed-sized rooms called capsules. These hotels offer affordable, basic lodging options for guests who do not need or can afford the larger, more expensive rooms offered by conventional hotels.

“IRCTC, in partnership with Indian Railways, has opened its first sophisticated, state-of-the-art ‘POD’ concept retiring rooms at Mumbai Central Station, the first of its kind at Indian Railways … when they arrive in Mumbai Central,” said the IRCTC .

Urban Pod Hotels received the order for this project as part of an open tender process for the establishment, operation and management of the guesthouse rooms. The pod system at Mumbai Central Station covers an area of ​​around 3,000 m² with a mezzanine.

Each pod room offers free WiFi, toiletries, luggage storage, and shower and washrooms in public areas. Inside the pod, guests have indoor lighting, mobile charging, smoke alarms and “please do not disturb” facilities such as a television, a small locker, a mirror, adjustable air conditioning and air filter openings as well as reading lamps available ‘indicators.

The IRCTC said tariffs may vary as needed and that they will be around 999 yen per person for 12 hours and up to 1,999 yen per person for 24 hours.

The new system offers a stock of 48 pods.


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